Welcome to Stan's home on the Net.....

Thank you for visiting my web site. Since I'm kind of lazy and an introvert when it comes to promoting my art, this is where you can follow me on my artistic journey. For most of my life I've been busy dealing with life in general: people, family, kids, business and making money to feed my self and the family. Not much time for my art. Now that the kids are grown and on their own, I have more freedom to do the things that don't necessarily bring in the dough. What a feeling! Please don't get me wrong. I do still like money, so please do make a purchase if something grabs your fancy. Go to " stan-kwong.pixels.com " and check out the selections available. By the way, this site has small samples of my work scattered throughout. Clicking on the image itself will take you to the page where you can view details and buy the print if you wish.

There is a section called "THOUGHTS". Some are mine and others are those of people that I admire and whose teachings I try to follow. This is also where you may find some blogs from me when I feel the need to say something or to share fun and entertaining materials such as links, photos and videos. I hope you'll enjoy it and find it interesting.

The majority of my paintings are Acrylics and Oils. Quality reproductions of my work and some originals are for sale. My style is very informal and it varies from realism to abstraction, and may or may not contain a statement of some kind. My only goal is to create art that will give the viewer a reaction that will summon feelings, happy or not. Having been consumed by the digital domain for the last 30 years, it is very refreshing to pick up a brush or a marker and create something that does not require electricity to see it. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Photography was a hobby in the '70s. It has been one of my personal and professional creative outlets since the '80s. Professionally, I had to move to photography as a matter of survival in the Graphic Arts business. Personally, I embraced photography because of its unlimited creativity with technological advances in software such as Adobe Photoshop. I've been playing with it since 1985 and taught Photoshop for a number of years with Metro Continuing Education, EPSB in Edmonton. Prints of my Photo Art are for sale and they are available on quality photo paper or as canvas prints.

I operated S. K. Graphics Ltd. in Edmonton, Canada for almost 20 years. During that time, the company did everything from Corporate Identity to stage design and Fine Dining menus. I still do design work here and there but most of my work is now concentrated on Painting, Illustration and Photography. Go to the "BUY SK STUFF" page to see samples of illustrations, photography and paintings.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and do come back often because I will post new works and thoughts as they become available.....

Stan Kwong
Artist, Photographer