My art has been a steadfast companion, revealing itself as the source of so much joy in this life. This knowledge has been within me as far back as I can remember - as a child in the streets of Hong Kong, as a youth on the sidelines of a foreign land, as a husband and father distracted by the demands of house, home, career, responsibility - and yet in many ways I have denied to myself that this calling was truly the lifeblood I needed. I allowed myself many titles throughout my career: Salesman, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Photographer, but hesitated in prioritizing one - Artist.


Over the years I have come to realize that portraying what I see, think, and feel through my art is critical to my own inner balance and, hopefully, will give pleasure to those who view my work. An artist is one who creates out of love, compulsion, compassion, necessity.


My work reflects the realism of what can be seen as well as the abstractions that come out of my gut reaction to each subject. While I have respect for the perfection of nature, and the imperfection of the human form and spirit, I do not adhere to a standard of strict reproduction. The colours I work with are often whimsical, random, or just whatever is around. My preference is to capture each moment that resonates with the medium that most calls out for it. I don't give importance to predetermined outcomes. A work begun with one palette does not necessarily end that way - as I have lived my life I live in my art.