First Snow

This is a crab apple tree in my back yard one winter after the first snow fall.

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iPhone Cases

You can now purchase prints of my original art, photos, and digital art in the form of an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4S Case. Check it out!

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Forest Fire

I've always been fascinated by fire - back yard fire pits included. The way the colours change and dance is mesmerizing. And no, I'm not a pyromaniac.

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Over Here

This is one of my motor sport series, an interest that I acquired while doing photography for a local race track.

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Purple Fountain Grass

This photo was taken in my friend Ken's back yard. The sun was beginning to set on an early fall evening creating the "electric glow" on the fountain grass.

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Another fascination of mine: Rock patterns in nature. This is one of a series of rock-inspired paintings that I've done.

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Lotus Peace

This was taken on one of my many trips to the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. A small beam of sun light was in just the right spot, giving that glow amid the darkness…This photo was chosen for the cover of the 2013 Muttart Conservatory calendar.

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As a young man I was smitten with Sophia Loren. When I first discovered her she was only making foreign films so I gained an appreciation for foreign films.

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The majority of my paintings are Acrylics and Oils. Quality reproductions of my work and some originals are for sale. My style is very informal and it varies from realism to abstraction, and may or may not contain a statement of some kind. My only goal is to create art that will give the viewer a reaction that will summon feelings, happy or not.

Having been consumed by the digital domain for the last 30 years, it is very refreshing to pick up a brush or a marker and create something that does not require electricity to see it. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Photography was a hobby in the '70s. Photography has been one of my personal and professional creative outlets since the '80s. Professionally, I had to move to photography as a matter of survival in the Graphic Arts business. Personally, I embraced photography because of its unlimited creativity with technological advances in software such as Adobe Photoshop. I've been playing with it since 1985 and taught Photoshop for a number of years with Metro Continuing Education, EPSB in Edmonton.

Prints of my Photo Art are for sale and they are available in quality photo paper or canvas prints.


I operated S. K. Graphics Ltd. in Edmonton, Canada for almost 20 years. During that time, the company did everything from Corporate Identity to stage design and Fine Dining Menus. I still do design work here and there but most of my work is now concentrated on Painting, Illustration and Photography.

Go to the Portfolio page to see samples of illustrations photography and paintings.


Born in Canton, China, Stan moved to Hong Kong with his family as a young boy and arrived in Edmonton via Halifax as a youth during the early '60s, where he met his future wife while still in junior high school.

Self-taught, Stan's love of art had already emerged by this point and he spent his free time exploring painting and sketching, with Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Klimt, and Warhol as early influences. Stan's natural feel for movement and form (perhaps not surprising as he also became a champion martial-artist) caught the attention of his art instructors in high school and he was encouraged to apply for an ACAD (then ACA) scholarship, which he was awarded. Pressed to put academics above art, Stan graduated instead from NAIT with a diploma in Exploration Technology (Mining), although he later merged business and passion as owner/operator of a successful graphic design business. He eventually sold the business to focus more on his own artistic pursuits.

Stan's love of photography, once pursued solely as a hobby while a young father of two in the late '70s and '80s, re-emerged with the evolution of desktop publishing and while acting as co-owner (with his wife) of a gallery/gift store on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. Influenced by Karsh, Adams, and Man Ray, photography is now a major component of his freelance portfolio, which covers a remarkably diverse range, from landscapes to auto racing and live concerts, now with two young grandchildren frequently focused in his lens.

Artist Statement

My art has been a steadfast companion, revealing itself as the source of so much joy in this life. I cannot avoid it any more than I can pass up a plate of brisket over lo-mein. This knowledge has been within me as far back as I can remember - as a child in the streets of Hong Kong, as a youth on the sidelines of a foreign land, as a husband and father distracted by the demands of house, home, career, responsibility - and yet in many ways I have denied to myself that this calling was truly the lifeblood I needed. I allowed myself many titles throughout my career: Salesman, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Photographer, but hesitated in prioritizing one - Artist.

Over the years I have come to realize that portraying what I see, think, and feel through my art is critical to my own inner balance and, hopefully, will give pleasure to those who view my work. An artist is one who creates out of love, compulsion, compassion, necessity.

My work reflects the realism of what can be seen as well as the abstractions that come out of my gut reaction to each subject. While I have respect for the perfection of nature, and the imperfection of the human form and spirit, I do not adhere to a standard of strict reproduction. The colours I work with are often whimsical, random, or just whatever is around. My preference is to capture each moment that resonates with the medium that most calls out for it. I don't give importance to predetermined outcomes. A work begun with one palette does not necessarily end that way - as I have lived my life I live in my art..

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Commissions


I paint with Acrylics and Oils. I love working with these two mediums. The subjects in my paintings range from still life to the human figure.

All of my paintings are available as originals (if not already sold) or prints. The prints come in various sizes and printed on canvas archival paper and others. Click here to purchase prints of my paintings. To purchase any original work please email me directly.

  • Some originals are available for sale.
  • High quality reproduction.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • After the first brush-stroke, the canvas assumes a life of its own; at this point, you become both governor and spectator to your own event. (Anonymous)


    I enjoy photographing nature and action events. In the events area, I have shot the CFR, Miss Rodeo Canada pageant, Edmonton Indy and the Canadian Country Music Awards. In the area of nature, I love photographing flora, landscapes and city scapes. As you will see, some of my works in this area resemble paintings due to subtle enhancements in Photoshop, my favourite graphic arts software. Click here if you wish to browse or purchase prints of my Photos.

  • All prints available on archival photo paper,canvas and others.
  • High quality reproductions.
  • "Adobe Certified Expert" certification in Photoshop
  • Photography freed painting from a lot of tiresome chores, starting with family portraits. (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)


    Drawings and Illustrations from S. K. Graphics Ltd. We did many jobs for technical and commercial illustrations. Now most of my works in this area consist of subjects such as nature, people and expressive moods.

  • All Illustrations available on archival photo paper,canvas and others.
  • Medium of illustration ranges from graphite pencils to felt markers.
  • Click here for browsing Galleries and sizes available.
  • As technology advances at an alarming pace, the place of drawing remains as valid as ever in the creation of art and architecture. (Prince Charles)


    I welcome all requests for commissioned works in Painting, Illustrations, Photography and Design. If you like my style and portfolio, please contact me for your requirements. All work is satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Illustrations and Print Design
  • Acrylic & Oil paintings
  • Event and Product photography
  • All works of art are commissioned in the sense that no artist can create one by a simple act of will but must wait until what he believes to be a good idea for a work comes to him. (W. H. Auden)

    • 01/12/2014Trying to go Green
    • 07/12-14/201318th Annual Whyte Avenue Art Walk
    • 07/28/2013Fine Art America
    • 09/4/2013iPhone Cases
    • 09/21/2013Riverbend Art In Our Park
    • 11/23-24/2013Old Timers Cabin Christmas Art Sale
    • 12/20/2013Christmas Holidays


    I have always been a collector and over the years and on a regular basis I visit various shops looking for used and vintage frames. I have no qualms with a few minor dings or nicks in a frame as long as it is a quality piece. A beautiful frame, like any antique, is not devalued by slight imperfections. It is enhanced by the history and is one of a kind - I'm sure that there is a story there somewhere, if only it could talk. Some of my "finds" are beautiful on their own, sometimes obviously handmade, and a little love and elbow grease can restore them to almost new condition. I do my own framing and cut my own mats so that every framed piece is unique. The frame is a part of the art as I envision it. In this way I give those frames a second life, keep them out of the landfill, and derive personal pleasure from the search and rescue. And, my client's get a piece of history along with a new piece of art.

    "A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children." John James Audubon


    I participated in Edmonton's 18th Annual Whyte Avenue Art Walk July 12 - 14 this year and had a wonderful response from the general public and fellow artists. The weather cooperated to make the event a very pleasant experience - in the 3 days it only rained either before set-up or after take-down. I was set up in McIntyre Park again this year and it was a festival atmosphere with live entertainment courtesy of local musicians performing in the Gazebo all day Saturday and Sunday.

    The camaraderie and sharing of ideas between the artists, along with helping each other out with set-up and take-down, added to the over-all experience. By the end of the weekend we were like one big family.

    I had the opportunity to share my art with local residents and visitors from far and wide, including visiting artists from other provinces. Selling a number of pieces was the "icing on the cake". I will be back for next year's Art Walk and look forward to re-connecting with new-found friends and acquaintances as well as sharing my art with everyone who stops by to look, comment, and perhaps purchase..."I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart" Van Gogh


    The Fine Art America website has several options for the purchase of prints. You can purchase prints of my original art, photos, and digital art on metal, acrylic, canvas, paper and greeting cards. The greeting cards are 5 x 7 inches and you can configure them in a variety of ways, adjusting the image size, background colour, and writing your own text for the inside. They can be ordered individually or in packages of 10 or 25.

    Any of the images can be ordered as prints on metal, acrylic, canvas, or paper in a wide range of sizes, from as small as 5" x 8" to approximately 4 feet x 3 feet, depending on the dimensions of the original.

    With the metal prints the image is printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16" thick aluminum. The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick wooden frame which is attached to the back and includes a hanging wire for easy wall mounting. These metal prints are very durable, lightweight, won't bend, and are water resistant. For the acrylic prints the image gets printed directly onto the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic. You can choose two different options for mounting. The high gloss of the aluminum or acrylic sheet complements the rich colours of any image and makes it very easy to keep your art clean!

    Stretched canvas prints add texture and depth to the image. The image is printed on premium canvas and then stretched on a wooden frame of stretcher bars. You can choose gallery wrap or museum wrap and opt for framed or unframed. Choosing frames is great entertainment because you get to play on the website, selecting various sizes, styles and colours of frames and instantly seeing what it will look like.

    Prints on paper can be purchased on a variety of types of paper and you can choose to purchase the print shipped as a poster (rolled in a cardboard tube) or framed. Again, you get the pleasure of choosing your print, the size of the print, the style, size and colour of your frame, and choice of mats (0, 1 or 2) and colour of mat. Some prints work well in specific frames without a mat - others seem to cry out for a mat. It's a fun exercise even if you have no intention of purchasing anything.

    One can spend hours playing with the possibilities on this site, as my wife proved this morning...

    "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas


    This week the Fine Art America website has added a new option for purchase of prints. You can now purchase prints of my original art, photos, and digital art in the form of an iPhone Case. The site gives you the option of reducing or enlarging the image to fit the space and a choice of iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4S cases. Some images will work better than others for this application. The ones that I found most exciting were "Survival", "End of the Road" (shown, left), "Guan Yin" (shown, far left), "Jimi 1", "Purple Dragonfly", and "By the Window". Check it Out! "Creativity is contagious, pass it on" Albert Einstein


    This year's "Art in Our Park" in Edmonton's Riverbend neighbourhood took place on September 21, 2013. Donna (my better half) and I were there with my art to join fellow artists, musicians, writers and performers in an afternoon of celebrating art and community. The sponsor of this event, the Riverbend Community League, is the heart of old Riverbend, representing the communities of Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay Heights and Rhatigan Ridge.

    As in previous years, Sue Pointe and her team of enthusiastic, helpful and friendly volunteers did an awesome job. As a matter of fact, I think this was the best ever. Thank you and the volunteers for a well organized memorable event Sue!

    The weather was great. One would never know that old man winter is just around the corner. The music was excellent - Hot Cottage, Bella Rouge, Jenie Thai, Jeff Morris and the Edmonton Youth Pipe Band entertained everyone in this very festive atmosphere. A big thanks to old friends, relatives and new friends that took the time to stop by, say hello and enjoy my latest works. Also a big thank you to all that made purchases. I hope you will enjoy them in your homes as much as I enjoyed creating them.

    This year was special for me personally because one piece that I sold was a very emotional experience. It made me realize that as artists, what we paint, say, sing or write may have an unexpected effect on others, evoking a wide range of emotions. I am happy to know that my work means something to someone somewhere.

    I look forward to seeing everyone back next year for another great ART IN OUR PARK!

    For more information on this event, go to:

    " The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web. " Pablo Picasso


    The Annual Craft & Art Sale hosted by the Northern Alberta Pioneer and Descendants Association was extended in 2013 to give art and craft lovers an extra day to enjoy the festive atmosphere and shop to their heart's content. I was there for my second year at the Old Timers' Cabin in the heart of Edmonton Centre on November 23rd and 24th. It was a warm and friendly environment in which to visit with friends old and new, display and sell my work, and connect with other artists and artisans. I was delighted to see some friends that I hadn't seen in years and truly appreciate their support and well wishes.

    The Old Timers' Cabin is a beautiful, historic facility which holds many warm memories for myself and my family, especially my wife, whose childhood home was just 1 block north. Walking into this building is like stepping back in time. Having spent a bit more time there and talking to some of the Association members instilled in me a desire to get involved in keeping this amazing facility and organization alive and vibrant for future generations. So, I joined the Association, attended their Annual General Meeting, and became a Board Member. I'm looking forward to some new challenges and opportunities in 2014!

    " I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels tenderly." Vincent van Gogh


    The coloured lights against the crisp white snow, the warmth and kindness that seems to be everywhere - it's Christmas, my favourite season! The season seems to bring out the best in everyone. Christmas is a very special time for my family and I will be spending the holidays with them. We will be closed for the holidays from December 21, 2013 to January 5, 2014. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday with friends and family, and all the best for 2014!

    " The only blind person at Christmas time is he who has not Christmas in his heart." Helen Keller

    Contact Information

    Please feel free to contact me with your questions. Praise, criticism and cash are welcome. Send me an eMail and let me know what you like or don't like about my art and photography!

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